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5 Most Common IT Problems.

  So which one are you?  The proud angry man wasting hours trying to fix a problem?  Or the smart woman who has sought help from Black and White? Here’s your countdown of the five most common IT problems that could be resolved if you call Black and White. The printer won’t print. Where do […]

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The most tech Savvy country is Denmark

A recent survey by the ITU has concluded that Denmark comes first for being the most tech savvy country in the world. Switzerland makes 13th position globally for most technically developed nation. Here are the top 10 European countries….note Germany isn’t in the top 10! 1. Denmark 2. Sweden 3. Iceland 4. United Kingdom 5. […]

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Do you backup?

30% of people have never backed up their documents and photos. Backup is like insurance Would you risk going without health or car insurance? If you prefer not to live life on the edge, then contact and we can provide a full backup solution for your home or business starting from only 200CHF.

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